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Why has my account been disabled?

There are a few possibilities.

If you log in and find your account has been disabled, there are a few possibilities. Here's a partial list.

  • A payment has failed or has not been received within a timely manner.
  • Your account profile is lacking required information. We require each account to have a real name, company name, a single person email address and a title. If any of this information looks like it might not be appropriate the account may be disabled while we work out the details with you.
  • People who work for companies that provide similar services to Protiviti are considered to be competitors and are not eligible for access to KnowledgeLeader.
  • Any activities that essentially or seem to be outside those allowed in the Access Agreement.

This is a partial list and in every case we will do our level best to contact you through email to work out the issue as best fits the situation.