How do I transfer a group seat to someone else?

All group administrators can change the group members in their My Account dashboard.

  1. Once logged in, click on "My Account" in the upper right-hand corner, select "View Account" in the drop-down then select the "Group Members" tab.
  2. Click the "Edit Group Members" button.
  3. Click the "Remove" button next to the user you would like to remove.
  4. Once the user is removed and their seat is empty, you can add the new user in the "Add New User Here" module.

Please Note: The KLplus portion of our subscriptions is not transferrable. If you want to transfer a KLplus seat to someone who needs KLplus access, another KLplus upgrade will need to be purchased after the seat transfer is completed. The price of the upgrade will be prorated based on the subscription expiration date.