How do I add another user to my subscription?

Users can be managed in your My Account dashboard.

If you have a group subscription, this can be managed by a group admin. If you have a single subscription, you can upgrade it to a group subscription.

  1. Click My Account in the upper right corner of the site and then click View Account.
  2. When your dashboard loads, click the Upgrade button.
  3. You can then change the number of seats to reflect the total number you would like in your account (including existing users), then click Refresh Price to update the cost.
  4. Click Continue to Payment to check out.
  5. When payment is complete, return to your My Account dashboard and click the Group Members tab, then click the Edit Group Members link.
  6. Enter the new user’s email address and account details in the Add New User Here section, then click Add.
  7. They will receive an invitation email with instructions for activating their account, and you will receive a confirmation email.