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The Top 25 KnowledgeLeader Pages of 2017

Posted by Protiviti KnowledgeLeader on Fri, Jan 19, 2018 @ 08:24 AM

As we start another year, we love to look back and make note of the audit tools and publications that were most popular with you all over the past 12 months. This year's Top 25 list has variety--we see some classics, some surprises, and a lot of content that should be useful for completing your audit projects throughout 2018 and beyond. Check out the full list and enjoy!

Top10_1-10.png Internal Controls Checklist
 Top10_2-6.png Process Classification Scheme (PCS)
 Top10_3-1.png Accounts Payable RCM
 Top10_4-1.png Internal Audit Risk Assessment Questionnaire
 Top10_5-1.png Enterprise Risk Management Questionnaire
 Top10_6-1.png Director of IT Project Management Job Description
 Top10_7-1.png The Updated COSO Internal Control Framework
 Top10_8-1.png Audit Planning Memo
 Top10_9-1.png Procurement Internal Controls Audit Work Program
 Top10_010-1.png COSO 2013 Internal Control–Integrated Framework Executive Summary 
Top10_11-1.png AR and Cash Application Process Flow 
Top10_12-1.png Control Self-Assessment Questionnaire: COSO
Top10_13-1.png Audit Planning Memo: Sample 2
Top10_14-1.png Risk Assessment Audit Work Program
Top10_15-1.png Audit Planning and Scoping Checklist
Top10_16-1.png Inventory Audit Work Program
Top10_17-1.png Hotel Audit Work Program
Top10_18-1.png Human Resources Review Audit Work Program
Top10_19-1.png Financial Due Diligence Report
Top10_20-1.png Enterprise Risk Management Audit Report
Top10_21-1.png Risk Assessment and Internal Audit Plan Audit Report
Top10_22-1.png Budgeting Process Audit Work Program
Top10_23-1.png Payroll and Benefits RCM
Top10_24-1.png Inventory Policy
Top10_25-1.png SOX Testing Documentation Template


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