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The Best of KnowledgeLeader: 2016

Posted by Sharise Cruz on Fri, Feb 03, 2017 @ 08:01 AM

""You may have noticed that the KnowledgeLeader team loves a good list. Lists are not only good for organization and clarification in auditing, but they are also great for understanding and communicating how our tools and publications are being received by our subscribers.

No list does this better than our annual top 25. 2016 was a big year for updating and adding content on KnowledgeLeader—we published 14 brand-new Risk and Control Matrices (RCMs) and added and updated over 460 audit tools, templates, publications and booklets.

If you already have a KnowledgeLeader subscription, of course all of this content (along with the entire KnowledgeLeader database of thousands of tools and publications) is available for download. But if you haven't joined yet, you can view and download everything we published in 2016, including the top 25 below, by signing up for a free 30-day trial subscription, as trial subscriptions have access to the most recent 18 months of content on the site.

So if you haven't yet, check out and download the items in our 2016 Top 25; there are some great resources in the list!

  1. Process Classification Scheme (PCS)
  2. Internal Audit Risk Assessment Questionnaire
  3. Accounts Payable RCM
  4. Risk Oversight and Risk Management Questionnaire
  5. Enterprise Risk Management Questionnaire
  6. Director of IT Project Management Job Description
  7. Internal Audit Risk Assessment Questionnaire: Sample 2
  8. Procurement Internal Controls Audit Work Program
  9. Audit Planning Memo
  10. Payroll and Benefits RCM
  11. Audit Planning Memo: Sample 2
  12. Define IT Strategy and Organization RCM
  13. Financial Controls Review Audit Report
  14. The Future of “Big Data” Risk Analytics and Obsolescence of the Traditional Internal Auditor
  15. Inventory Audit Work Program
  16. Hotel Audit Work Program
  17. Accounts Payable and Expense Accounting Audit Work Program
  18. Budgeting Process Audit Work Program
  19. Internal Financial and Management Information RCM
  20. Contract Review Audit Work Program
  21. Internal Audit Engagement Memo
  22. A Cost Effective Approach to Validating Performance of the Internal Control Structure: Questionnaire
  23. Human Resources Audit Work Program
  24. Risk Culture Assessment Questionnaire
  25. Enterprise Risk Management Key Performance Indicators

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