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Popular This Week: Root Cause Analysis Guide and more!

Posted by Protiviti KnowledgeLeader on Tue, Oct 30, 2018 @ 03:22 PM

This week, we are highlighting the Top 5 Pages on KnowledgeLeader from October 22-26! Take a look at the "best of the best" of our tools that could help you simplify your audit projects.

"" 1. Root Cause Analysis Guide

This guide provides an overview of the root cause analysis process and provides sample steps used to perform one.





2. Inventory Process Flow

This process flow focuses on the following sub-processes within manufacturing and inventory: bill of materials, standard cost, sales forecasting and purchasing, receiving and inventory locations, material transfer, configure to order (CTO) orders, physical inventory count, inventory reserve calculation, inventory in transit accrual, PPV amortization, and manufacturing overhead variance amortization.


3. Manage Fixed Assets: Disposals RCM

An RCM provides an overview of different control objectives that organizations should take into consideration and the corresponding controls to safeguard the company against risks which may arise if not checked timely. Once customized to an organization, this document can help the user in assessing each control. The control assessment can then also be summarized to develop an action plan. 



4. Entity-Level Fraud Risk Assessment Process Report

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) of 2002 requires public companies to evaluate the sufficiency of controls in place to prevent and detect fraud within the organization, among other things. Specific to fraud, Section 404 of SOX requires that each company have a documented ongoing process to identify, assess and evaluate fraud risks related to internal control over financial reporting (“fraud risks”).

This sample report provides an overview of the process a company undertook to satisfy the requirements of SOX Section 404 related to the consideration and evaluation of fraud risk as it pertains to internal control over financial reporting.





5. Digital Transformation Keeps Rising at Panera

“Continuous transformation” aptly describes Panera Bread’s journey as a company over the past 35 years. In fact, Panera cites its “ability to transform our business whenever necessary and pivot as appropriate” as the secret to its success.

As Panera’s digital strategy continues to evolve, its internal audit function is on hand to offer perspectives on new initiatives and assess potential risks. In this profile, Panera Director of Internal Audit and Chief Auditor Peter Odman explains how his team finds new ways to help the organization enhance customers’ experience with the brand, both in-store and off-premises.






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