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Posted by Katrina Opgenorth on Tue, Oct 13, 2015 @ 09:03 AM

""The Fall semester has started for most universities around the world. Professors are now going through their syllabi and sharing resources with students that will help them with their studies and research. For some professors, one of their favorite free resources is KnowledgeLeader.

Protiviti realized long ago that there weren’t many special studies specific to internal audit and risk management. We wanted to help further those fields, or related fields of study wherever we could. KnowledgeLeader was the perfect way to present a value-add to the classroom. The idea is that with their complimentary access to KnowledgeLeader’s resources, students would be able to see examples of audit programs and policies, read hot issue articles and get a sense of real-world work in the consulting profession.

So each semester, a number of professors participate in KnowledgeLeader’s University Program by requesting access for themselves and for their applicable students. Some professors keep their access throughout the year to help prepare for the next semester’s courses. This fall we have 91 professors and almost 3,000 class seats requested (so far!).

We go through a review of new professors and students who want their complimentary access. You can apply for the program by filling out the form on our University Center page. I’ll review the application and get back to you shortly! We hope you’ll join us.

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