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Are You Familiar With Risks Related to SDLC?

Posted by Lark Scheierman on Fri, Dec 02, 2016 @ 07:56 AM

PROCESS 4.3.1 MANAGE SYSTEMS DEVELOPMENT LIFE CYCLE RCM-1.jpgSystem development lifecycle (SDLC) methodology promotes and provides a controlled business environment where an orderly process takes place to minimize risk for implementing major new applications or changes to existing applications that have an urgent priority for an organization.

KnowledgeLeader’s latest risk and control matrix (RCM) focuses on the manage systems development lifecycle (SDLC) process.




Sample risks include:

  • A project management framework is inappropriately used to manage a project.
  • Management is unable to prevent project delays and setbacks, which leads to additional expenditures to complete the project.
  • Security and quality requirements along with project requirements set by end users and the IT department are not met.
  • The organization’s system development lifecycle documentation (SDLC) does not include security, availability and processing integrity requirements of the organization.
  • The SDLC documentation created as per the SDLC procedure does not ensure that information systems are designed to include application controls that support complete, accurate, authorized and valid transaction processing.

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